Welcome 2023 meetup Prague * 6h + 7th January 2023

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Prague
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: U Fleku (address see below)
:calendar: DATE: 7th January 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11 o’clock
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

We meet at the restaurant U Fleku for chatting and writing cards on the 7th January. In the late afternoon I try to organize a guided tour (maybe a spooky one).

Some German Postcrossers and I already arrive on the 5th January because we want to visit the Christmas markets in Prague on the 6th January. Of course everyone is welcome to join us on that day, too

Here is the address of the restaurant:

https://en.ufleku.cz/ (Křemencova 11, Praha 1)


  1. Katrin * Katrin1778 :de:

  2. Holger * chrisskywalker :de:

  3. Micha * ich_bin_berliner :de:

  4. Martin * suncrusher :de:

  5. Andres * hawaiigirl :de:

  6. Helga * Mella68 :de:

  7. Sabrina * schneggisabrina :switzerland:

  8. Anna * AniMani_Mik :austria:

  9. Konstanze * stancy_starlight :de:

  10. Eva * Tom336 :de:

  11. Anja * kiddy67 :de:

  12. Elke * lkhrtwg :de:

  13. Eisblumenwiese :de:

  14. Vladimir * Vladimir22 :czech_republic:

  15. Vitalina * Vitalinaaa :czech_republic:

  16. Julian * mapcardcollector :uk:

  17. Ksenia * Xeniyya :czech_republic:

  18. Jan * jjelinek :czech_republic:

  19. Diana * Skatach :czech_republic:

  20. Yvonne * alienor02 :de:

  21. Waltraud * Pelke :de:

  22. Gabor *Sagabi :hungary:


Please put me on the list. Would like to join. Have to wait for my duty roster and can only confirm for sure mid December. Sabrina

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Can you also give me the list, please? I will be happy to join you. Anna

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Hello, will you put me and @Frankie on the list.

As a maybe because we have to check the work schedule we can confirm later in December.

Thank you :blush:

From the Netherlands

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Please put me on the list :heart_eyes:

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Please also put me on the list

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Please put me on the list.

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Please also put me on the list)))

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I would also love to join :slight_smile:

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Me and @Frankie aren’t going to participate this meetup.

You can take us of the list

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Ich würde gern nach Prag kommen ,bitte setzt mich auf die Liste.


I want to come as well, please put me on the list :smile:


I am in :slight_smile:

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Hello, can I join you as well? I know a few places to get the nicest postcrads, I can share :wink::wink:


Hello Katrin, could you please add me to the list.

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I will have the meeting postcard printed, but only for the German participants. The price will be 25 cents per postcard, orders can be given to me until Sunday 12/4/22. The maximum order quantity is 50 pieces.

Since shipping abroad is expensive, everyone else can receive the file from me by email. I hope there will be someone for the Czech participants who will do this and print and distribute the card for them.
Of course, each participant can also create their own meeting card.


Wie viele darf man bestellen und bis wann brauchst Du die Anzahl?

Oh, hab ich vergessen zu sagen.
50 Stück max., bis zum 04.12.

Über die Feiertage wird alles länger dauern, der Druck , Versand usw.

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Gut, danke. Ich nehme bitte 30.

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What a beauty! I would be happy to exchange

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