"Weird" postcards

I always like to have a look to the different postcards people send, the way they travelled, the time it took for them to reach their destination…
However, I am sometimes surprised by some.
For instance, why does this postcard sent from Taiwan have a TF- ID ? (TF being the French Antarctic Territories to summarize)

And why does this postcard has a such a special trajectory?

Do you also have “special” postcards?


Isn’t it possible the 1st one was actually mailed from the French Antarctic Territories & the map is just wrong?

Not sure what’s special about the 2nd one - it seems to be just an internal Taiwan official card.

In the early days of postcrossing, the website had some problems when users moved between countries - the site changed all their prior cards to match the user’s new country code.

I discovered this when I suddenly had a received card from Aland Island - turns out, it was sent from Finland, but then the sender moved to Aland.

But, that card no longer comes up in my received cards, so I guess this bug was fixed.

But the card you looking at, the sender’s account was closed. So maybe that affected things so that the bug didn’t fix their location back to Taiwan.

That’s my complicated hypothesis!

Edit - actually, I can’t remember if the ID changed, or just the country. I think the ID could not have been changed, because that would be a far bigger problem than just showing incorrectly on the map. So this is probably not the answer.


I believe it is about the route. The curve is different.

It should be like this (red line), just like other PCs

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Interesting, I thought the “moving” cards stayed in the “new country” forever. I also have one like this, and also from a now-closed account, so we can’t test the theory of the card going back to its “proper” country:

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Yes, this apparently typical viewcard of Ireland!!!


My first ever card from Sweden was actually from Lithuania:

The sender moved soon afterwards and suddenly I had Sweden in my stats - very confusing! Luckily I received a card from Sweden (with an SE ID) not much later, so the stats matched the reality again.

I’m glad the cards no longer move when their senders do. :+1:


My stats show that I have received only one card from Luxemburg even though I have received two.

This one is nowadays considered as card from Belgium because the sender moved there.

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-nearly spits coffee out laughing- :joy:

That is funny! Made my morning lol


:rofl: hilarious


I would love to receive this card! I would think right away that the sender has the same sense of humor as mine! I love it!


It might be a picture of a sand trap on an Irish golf course. And the camels are simply lost.


These were all normal postcards. That’s really weird and scary.

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I doubt it was sent from there, because absolutely no one lives permanently in these Antarctic territories, and it isn’t easy at all to go there. I had a look to all the postcards officially sent from there, and the others were sent from La Réunion, a French island which isn’t that far to some parts of the French Southern Territories.
It is quite funny, because this postcards got a lot of “likes”, because I guess that a lot of postcrossers thought that it was really sent from there, and that the picture of the postcard had been taken there.

But the picture was taken on the island of La Réunion (it’s written clearly). However, according to the map, it was sent from Kerguelen island.
And this is what Kerguelen island actually looks like


Well you don’t have to live permanently somewhere to send mail eh? I was thinking of scientific research stations which are all over the place & often do have mail service.

But it sounds like a number of things are strange about this card.

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Yes, of course! But it’s just that the scientists who work there are French, not Taiwanese, and the postcard represents a Taiwanese temple, it is clear that it is not on the Kerguelen islands :blush:

Not sure where the Taiwanese temple is - I just see a waterfall, lol and you just never know who works at a science station eh? There are collaborative projects.

It’s written “Taiwan” in Chinese ideograms on the postcard :blush:
And actually Kuerguelen has no permanent inhabitants and only houses the personnel of the base established in Port-aux-Français (from 45 in winter season to 120 people in summer campaign). They are all French, it’s a rule.

Got it!

Woah you got a card from some kind of parallel universe.