Weird address given

Could I send a postcard to this person? Address was deleted a few days after I got her address.

address removed by moderator.
first line was:
do vostrebovaniya

PC support could not help so far. What should I do?
Thank you so much in advance?

And am I right that ‘do vostrebovaniya’ means ‘till soon’?

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I think this is a “Poste Restante” address where the recipient picks up the mail from the post office (it’s “postlagernd” in German speaking countries)


No, you should not send your card, as it’s wrong address, without name of the street, building etc. There is just only name of the city, so your card won’t arrived to receiver at all.


Please don’t show addresses in public, even if it seems weird to you.


I googled for “poste restante” and “do vostrebovaniya”:

So: It’s a valid address, I think.

What do you mean by that? Does the user account not exist any more?
Does it have a different address now than it had when you drew the address? In that case: Send to the new address!

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Thank you for your answer.
The account does still exist and the address I’d shown above is the new one.

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So please write to the new address. Not writing the card is not an option.


Thank you by the way for copying this ‘article’ into here. At least for me it was very helpful :blush:


Hello Andreas,
This address type “do vostrebovaniya” is “Poste Restante” as was mentioned above. But it also should be written full name of the recipient in the address. For Russian names it’s name, surname and patronymic. Seems it was only name in the address you shown above. In such case the recipient can’t be identified at the post office.

There are “weird” addresses in this world. but that does not mean they’re not valid!

Once drew an address from Russia :ru: with just the name of the city, a number, and a flat number. No street name, but a three-digit flat number, which suggested a really large block of flats - such as you wouldn’t find in a village. But I googled the city and learnt that that’s just how it is. When the city of Zelenogrod was first built, they just numbered the buildings, but they didn’t name the streets!

Same in Mannheim/Germany :de:: no street names in the city centre. There they just “named” the blocks like squares on a chessboard. so you can get an address like: Ms. Whatever, C4, 68161 Mannheim, Germany :slight_smile:

Also, of course, lots of villages don’t have street names. My own grandparents’ address still consisted only of their name and the name of the village. The postman would know where they lived! Many Polish :poland: and Czech :czech_republic: villages still don’t have street names, but they numbered the houses - so addresses will read sth. like: Ms. Whatever, Zadupie 34, 87-301 Zadupie.

But there are different solutions - like once I drew an address from India :india: that read something like: Ms. Whatever, third house behind the church, opposite the grocery store. Actually it worried me a bit that this was written in English rather than the local language - but then I thought, probably postmen speak English in India - and yes, the card made it :slight_smile: If we did things like this here in Poland, however, writing the address in English would not have done. So you would have read an address like that as follows: Ms. Whatever, trzeci dom za kościołem, na przeciwko warzywniaka, 87-303 Zadupie Górne.

So don’t worry - just send! :slight_smile:


Добрый день! Я здесь новенькая. Подскажите пожалуйста, если в анкете нет идентификационного номера и адреса куда отправлять открытку, как быть?

I once drew what I believe was a member at an Israeli kibbutz. First line was name, second line was kibbutz + its own postcode. That’s it.

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Hello @kseniyalis,

Could you please translate the post to English?

The forum guidelines says “English is the official language of the forum, and this language should be used throughout the forum — except on the Language and Geographical communities and on the Meetups sections.”

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi Xenia,

When I ran your question through translation software it gave me this:

“Good afternoon I am new here. Please tell me, if the questionnaire does not have an identification number and address where to send a postcard, what to do?”

I think “questionnaire” might be a mis-translation though. Do you mean, if the profile of a person you want to send to doesn’t have an address? Because they aren’t supposed to :slightly_smiling_face:

The way Postcrossing usually works is like this:

Go to “Postcards” at the top of the page, and click “Send a postcard.”

You will then be given a random profile to write to, the person’s address, and an ID number to write on the card.

We don’t choose who we write to - the site chooses for us, and only then we are given their address.

Addresses are not normally made public on the profile itself, and in fact I highly recommend you remove your address from your own profile.

If this didn’t help, you could try asking for help in the Russian section of the forum: Russian - Русский - Postcrossing Community

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Anytime I question how I should write the address, I go to the option to print the address. The easiest thing is to print out the address and glue it to the postcard. Even if you can’t print it, you will be able to see how it’s supposed to look.

The comments in this thread reminded me of when I visited my Grandma in a little town in North Dakota farming area in the late 1980’s. The grocery store was in the next, bigger town, about 9 miles away (16-ish km). She asked me to go get some groceries and ask the cashier for a “counter” check. Literally, the cashier had a pad of checks from the only local bank, and I just filled in my Grandma’s name and the amount. I don’t think THAT happens anymore!


Once I drew an address of a person from the Shetland islands in UK
The address consisted of 3 lines
Name of a person
Name of an island
No zip code, no street, no town / village :slight_smile:

And my postcard reached its destination without any problems


My apologies. I’ll be more careful) I’m just starting to study the site and understand its structure. I used to send exchange letters simply over the network. A friend suggested trying to register here. I became interested in exchanging postcards with new people.


Dear @kseniyalis,

Welcome to the forum.
Take your time to explore the forum.
The forum can be overwhelming. :smiley:

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