Wax stamps on postcards

has anyone used those wax stamps on postcards? the ones where you melt the wax with a candle, pour the wax on paper, and then use one of those metal stamps to press it until it dries. i’ve thought about doing it but i’m afraid it would come off while traveling. do you think usps would make me put more stamps on my postcards for having it?

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I have received postcards with them (two times). One survived perfectly, the other (which was thicker) was missing a smaller part. I would say they do quite good.

But I don’t like them too much, for the same reason I don’t like thick(er) stickers: I scan all my cards with a photo scanner and it always causes troubles. And it’s harder to store them in plastic covers (what many people do).

So try to keep it as flat as possible :slight_smile:

Oh and you could always try with one card, addressed to yourself!

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Not just in plastic covers - I store my postcards in boxes and everything that sticks out is very likely to leave marks on adjacent postcards. Those wax seals are the worst because they are very hard, while stickers are usually not as “edgy”. I have to admit I have tried to peel off the occasional wax seal so as not to have lots of other postcards dented - didn’t really work though …

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I have a wax stamp set that I’m super excited to use. Now I’m thinking it’s just for letters. :frowning: oh well.

I received a postcard with a wax stamp, it was a joy to see. I wouldn’t mind getting more of them.

If the wax results in a postcard of uneven thickness, then it is considered nonmachinable. For a nonmachinable letter, you can pay extra postage to have it sent, but I don’t know if USPS accepts nonmachinable postcards.
Source: https://pe.usps.com/text/dmm300/101.htm


Once I received a card with it and I absolutely loved! I would like to have one, but I have no idea where I can find it - I had never thought about the problems mentioned, but now I think it’s something to consider.

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Unlikely, I’ve gotten many raised stickers from different parts of the world just fine. I even got a postcard with big raised sequins on it and it was mostly okay.

What could happen is it just gets torn off.

I have received some and love how they look and feel, all have been in good condition.

Here we can buy some wax stamps in book store, but only simple ones with a star, wreath or a heart, but I know someones sell these on Etsy, and there are many many kinds. (And in alixpress and such too.)

I have one with an I, but I only use it on letters/envelopes. Never thought in using it in postcards, but I will try someday (in a postcard to me). The idea I have is Portuguese post service don’t like not flare stickers in postcards, is another excuse to delay even more mail… but I guess it can give a nice touch to my postcards :thinking::blush:

Anything that increases the thickness of the card (particularly on the surface of it) can cause issues with the automatic sorting machines used for modern mail. Sometimes they make it through ok. Sometimes it causes the card to get torn or shredded, and slows the whole sorting process as they have to stop the machine and clear it. The USPS has a specific thickness they allow. A good start tom understanding all of this would be to go here:

Of course, this applies to the United States Postal Service only, but I suspect other postal services have similar restrictions.

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Here we can leave all mail up to 3 cm to a box, so I believe they pick the non machinable mail from there somehow? Then, I have received perfectly flat card torn, like stuck between teeth, and few photos that look like gotten stuck also.

I often think how fun it would be to see the items that have fallen off from a card, or a letter :slight_smile: maybe they could make an exhibition? I am very curious what there would be.

Good info. Thanks for sharing it! I recently was given a whole bunch of stickers by a friend, and they are all “poofy” for lack of a better word. The back is sticky and flat, but the top is sorta gummy and squishy and is maybe a 10th of an inch thick. I was very hesitant to use one because I was worried it would tear the postcard or cause some sort of upcharge that makes it postage due on the other end. But then I saw a lot of forum responses that they had safely received that type of thing. I only just sent one to Belarus with a test sticker on it - fingers crossed!