Watercolor flower postcards?

Hey! My sister designed these flowers and I was thinking to turn them into postcards? What do you think? Would you ever want to receive a postcard like this? Any suggestions?



They’re lovely! Absolutely I’d love to get one!

You got one talented sister, I would love to get one!

These are incredible!

Definitely! These look amazing! :heart_eyes:

I would love to. They are gorgeous :heart_eyes:

Sure ! Wonderful cards! :love_letter:

I would like to receive a card! They are beautiful :star:


Very pretty flowers! Given your sister is okay with you sending her artworks out I would say go for it. (I am a bit late here, hope that’s okay)

They look great! I have some suggestions about turning then into postcards:

If the paper is soft, cut it to a right size and stick it firmly on a blank postcard or any cardboard. If the paper is thick enough, just cut it to a right size and can be sent as postcard.

However, watercolor paintings aren’t waterproof, they might be destroyed by rain. I think an envelope is necessary. In that case, there’s no need to stick on another card to make it thick. Still, cutting it to a suitable size will make it more like a postcard.

Thanks! I actually uploaded the design and got them professionally printed😃

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