Wanted: postcards from all over the world to add some magic into the lives of pupils ❤️


I am a teacher trying to give some 8 and 9 year-old pupils from France the opportunity to discover the world. As they do not travel abroad I try to make the world come to them via snail mail! :wink: So if you want to help me in this project, I’d be sooooo grateful!! :pray: (just a little postcard, and you writing about your city / country would be absolutely fantastic!!)

Here is the address of the school :

École élémentaire Jean de La Fontaine
Classe de CE2 de madame CHATELAIN
7, rue Fernand Poisson
02000 LAON

Thank you so much for reading! And thank you for adding some magic into the lives of children :heart:


Dear people of the world,

The project is not over (of course, you can still send us a card… Because it’s never too late… and we just never have enough postcards!! :wink:) but I already wanted to say THANK YOU for your postcards, letters, kind MESSAGES, information, jokes, stamps… EVERYTHING!!! :heart:
The pupils are over the moon. I wish you could see their eyes when the headmaster knocks at the door saying : “Hello kids! You have got mail today!” This is truly priceless…and I owe it to you all!! :star_struck:

Merci, merci, MERCI!!! ! :pray::pray::pray:


I can send your class a postcard from Washington D.C. :blush: :mailbox_closed:

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everything you wanted to know about Arizona is on the way


Vermont traveling in Monday’s mail.:+1:

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Aww, thank you so much! :pray:

This is brilliant, thank you sooo much!!

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Merci beaucoup ! This is lovely :heart:

I love to send a Amsterdam postcard from the Netherlands

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That would be awesome!! :heart_eyes:

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That is a nice idea for your pupils! Postcard from Germany is on the way! :postbox::grinning:

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Aww, thank you so much! They are going to be so happy! :pray:

I will mail them from New Mexico.

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I can send you cards from Belgium


Awesome!!! :heart:

Yeeeeeees please!! :pray: Thank you!! :rose:

Something from Chicago. (But no Michael Jordan or Al Capone; sorry.


Ah, don’t you be sorry! :grin:
Thank you very much!! :pray:

I have postcards from Nürnberg, Bayreuth and Füssen/Neuschwanstein. I bought the postcards from Bayreuth and Füssen while I was visiting these cities. I could send a postcard from all of these cities if it is okay. Than I would send the cards in an envelope

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Please, do what’s the most convenient for you! It is very kind of you and I really want to say: “thank you very much” :pray:

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I’ll send a postcard from Spain, hope they like it!