Wanted: Little Queens - 1990 and later

Hi - I’m having trouble finding sources of the little queen head stamps from 1990 and later - please let me know if you have any to trade. Thanks!

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Is these ones you are looking for?




If so these are sadly no longer valid for postage since July 2023, so not many UK Postcrossers will have many left, some may have them in used condition or as part of First Day Covers.

Yes those - but also similar stamps 1991 and later. It seems like there are many of the earlier “little queens” available - but not the later ones. thanks for the info

Forgive my ignorance, but I don’t know how I would know if the small Queen’s head stamps I have are pre or post 1991, do you have a photo of what you’re hoping for? x

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You’re right - the all look the same, but different colors with different values were issued after 1991. I have a list of what I need

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I’ve just sorted through them and after taking out all the pre decimal stamps & half pences that I know aren’t post 1991 these are all I have left unfortunately. I also a small pile of Scottish Queen head stamps that I’ve not sorted x


Is there an obvious way to tell which stamps are longer allowed as postage?

All of the above are no longer available for postage if that helps

And here is the guidance from Royal Mail



Hi Judy (@daviscalgirl ) I will sort some stamps out for you, I have sent you a PM but if you prefer to contact me via Forum I’m okay with that.
Regards Andi

Hi - I find this is easier for me to keep track of - if OK with you! Thanks so much for sorting out stamps for me! Judy

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The first of the security measures came in 1993 with the addition of one elliptical perforation on each side, any Machin stamp with one of these is definitely after 1991.

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