Walmart postcard price differences

For those of y’all who have walmarts with postcards, have you noticed a price difference between them? The one I go to, at one end of the souvenir display, the postcards cost about 50 cents. Just today I noticed there were more at the other end and those were only 27 cents! (and I honestly liked them better).

Maybe this is old news to some of you, but as someone who usually bought their local postcards at bucc-ees, i was definitely surprised :slight_smile:


When I visit the USA I love going to Walmart. I never thought to look for postcards though

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Who knew Walmart had postcards?! :wink:

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The one nearest the house doesn’t carry them anymore. They used to run around 50 cents each. But on a recent trip to the east coast, I happened into one and they had the larger sized cards at 25 cents apiece! Not only could I could not believe, but I had to purchase some as I could not resist it either! I have found by chance every now and then a store will carry a few.


I didn’t even know Walmart sells them. I’m gon check it out now

That’s cheap! I ended up buying 9 cards :sweat_smile:

Glad to help!

Not all Walmart have then.

I wish my Walmart sold them! A lot of the Walmarts in big tourist areas will sell them so those of you in bigger cities keep a lookout! I was told at one Walmart that they like to hide them in the Automotive section sometimes. So random!

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I live in a beach tourist town and oddly enough not all of the nearby Walmarts have postcards. Of those that do, cards when not summer were closer to $1. (89cents I think they were) Summertime display racks have them ranging .37-.50 with bigger cards costing more. Antique shops cost a lot more.
Sadly the only thrift store I knew to carry them closed when the owner recently died.
Occasionally I get on the Air Force base and the BX has a small collection of cards there.
Sadly my bookstore does Not carry box sets like they show they do online (I don’t ever order stuff online ).
I do know big rest areas on major highways have some pretty cards, so I know I’ll have to bring some extra money if I ever take another road trip!

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@Beachyblonde it sort of makes sense to put some of them near automotive because then tourists who come in to get a flat fixed or whatever, can look at and choose a card while they sit in the little waiting area.

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only some of them do…has to be a larger city I think and/or near tourist areas. I could find them in some of the walmarts in Oklahoma City, but none in Tulsa and when I went driving between OK and UT I found NONE at walmart…nor did I find any along the way down to FL…those vacations were 2 years ago.

IF they have them, they will be near the register area (endcaps or across from the tobacco products is either As Seen on TV stuff or local souvenirs or if they have a souvenir aisle near the party/cards stuff…sometimes near jewelry. and sometimes near their magazines etc. It certainly is not standard where they put them. I usually just look around the registers and that is it unless I am looking for other stuff in the store.


The one in Norman has quite a bit, all near the OU stuff

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Might be worth a trip to Wal-Mart. All the tourist shops and pharmacies I’ve been to tend to have the same motifs or very similar ones.

Most of ours do in Austin, TX, up by the check-out stands. I get my local Austin and Texas postcards at HEB, our grocery store. They’re only a quarter and they carry about 8 different designs, but never get anything new. They’re located in the greeting card aisle, so you never quite know where in a store to find postcards! I’ve been trying to find other places to buy them. Walgreens and CVS pharmacies don’t seem to have any. I haven’t checked Target, though.