Vintage stamp question

I’m sure this has probably been asked somewhere, but I looked and didn’t see anything. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.

I got a couple of ziplock grab bags of vintage stamps at the flea market today, and there’s a lot of unused 4¢ stamps and quite a few 29¢ stamps. It’s my understanding that stamps don’t expire and are still valid for their face value in the US. Is this right? Can I use these stamps for postcrossing? I logged some of the stamps I got in an app so it’s easier to keep track, I’ve included a screenshot that shows some of the ones I got today. Any advice about how to use them would be appreciated! Thanks!


Yes, you can use them as long as they add up to whatever the current value is.


Stamps don’t expire, the are worth the face value. I’m interested what’s the app you’re using to log the stamps?

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@marora its the stamp identifier app on iPhone! I was able to take a quick picture of each stamp and the matches it and gives you information about it and a link to a website showing the value on eBay and stuff. I thought it was pretty cool. I just hearted all the stamps I had!


A follow up question, that might be kind of dumb. Do I have to use these stamps for only domestic postcards or could I use the internationally as well?


Yes, they can be used for international mailing from the US, as long as their total face value equals the required postage.


Welcome to Postcrossing! What a great find you made! Like the others have said, these are absolutely valid for postage on cards sent anywhere in the world. I have loads of this type of stamp in all denominations. I try to put a 5-stamp combo on every card I send!


Awesome find!!! Yep, totally valid. You scored! Welcome to Postcrossing : )


Definitely use them on your international mail. It might take a long time to use them all up. A couple of years ago, in an auction lot I won, there was over $140 in unused US postage. I just have 4c, 5c and a few 8c left. Everything else was used or given away; but it took a long time.