Vintage Egyptian Postcards

Here are some vintage Egyptian postcards from the late 1920s. I found them in my granny’s stash of old photos and she’s very kindly let me keep them! They’re beautiful, but have a lot of age-related damage.


They are very beautiful!

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Gorgeous cards! :heart_eyes:

Are they written? It would be interesting to hear your grandma’s impression of this trip, if she got them in Egypt! :slight_smile:

Would you be interesed in trade? I offer you 4 vintage french or USA cards

They aren’t written on, although I do have a collection of photographs of my great-great-grandfather’s time in Egypt!

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As these are sentimental family items, I don’t want to trade them. Thank you for the offer though, very much appreciated!!

What a treasure! They must have been quite the adventurers — I don’t imagine that many people were able to make such a trip back then! :smiley:

Unless you were very rich or working for a tourism company, it was basically impossible. My great-great-grandfather visited with the British Army, around the same time that Tutankhamun’s grave was being excavated!