Viewing images of my traveling cards

Sorry it’s a bit of a long post about a tiny thing.

When I’m looking at my list of Sent postcards there is a column for images ‘img’. I can click on the icon and an image of the postcard pops up in a little window and I can close it again with a little ‘x’, all without leaving the Sent page.

When I’m on the Traveling Postcards page there is also a column ‘img’. But when I click on the icon I am taken to a new page to view the image and then I must click back to return to the Traveling page.

Personally I find this inconsistency a little annoying. I would rather be able to view the traveling cards in the travelling page without the need to go away and come back again.

I suspect the reason for going to a new page is to present the option to upload a new image, but this is possible by clicking into the postcard ID page.

I know it’s only a small thing and in no way takes away from the postcrossing experience but I like to quickly scan through the images of my traveling postcards to remind myself what is coming up and the extra steps make it awkward and slow it down. This takes away from from the user experience, especially knowing that it is possible to have a quick little pop-up of the image, because it is available in other parts of the website.

Like I said it’s a small problem and maybe I’m the only one who has noticed but it’s something to think about. Thanks.


I’ve thought about it, too! Like you said, it’s not a major inconvenience, but it would definitely make a difference to me as well :slight_smile:


I agree!

Indeed a valid point.

It’s a valid point about the inconsistency.

The current difference of behavior comes from a difference elsewhere: while to upload/remove/replace an image of a received postcard one does it directly on that postcard page, not so with a traveling postcard since that is in one page, and to upload/remove its image is done on a separate page.

That’s not enough as it is two clicks away going that route, not just one click (like with a received postcard).

Agreed on the inconsistency of the Img icons, but I’m not certain that we wouldn’t get people lost on where to upload/delete/replace an image of a traveling postcard if they have to go first through the traveling postcard page first and having to find and use the “view photo” button.

So, I’m not totally sure yet this is as trivial as it looks at first. It would be solved if the upload/delete image would be on the traveling postcard page itself (as is in the received postcard page), but that page is already very crowded with long profile texts.


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Seeing that there is quite a number of users who would like this, it would help.

I was thinking it’s a shame the postcrossing website doesn’t have a wall of travelling postcards that is private to the sender, to help the sender select postcards for other people, instead of having to click on the image icon for each card travelling.

One part of my strategy in sending postcards is to try and match the profile, and at the same time, try not to send too many of the same cards. I tried this and it made my sent wall look boring. So, trying to send a wider variety of cards at the same time.

Instead of adding more to the tab of travelling postcards, have it as a tab on the Wall. you already have two tabs, sent and received. the extra tab would still follow the current status quo by making it only viewable to the sender. This would also avoid the issue of long profile texts.

Quite a number of postcrossers want this, so I respectfully ask, what is the problem?

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Yes, this is something I would very much appreciate, as well.

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I find it hard at first too

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Maybe you could put the same postcards in pile, and only send again when someone registers it?
Then they are not next to each others in your wall.
(I once sent two cards in different times, and they arrived at almost same time, so the same cards are next to each other in my wall, and I was little annoyed by that (for a reason I don’t understand :laughing:).)