✅ View jumps backwards 4-5 days/20 read messages in Tracked forum

I have several forums set to Tracking. When I open the forum, it should show me the newest unread post, and there is a red line showing the unread posts above. Recently, when I go into a forum with perhaps 4 unread messages (as shown in the list of forums), the view will jump backwards 4 or 5 days, our about 20 messages.

I have seen this on a laptop (PC) and on my ipad, so I don’t think it is related to the specific browser or any caching/cookies.

It doesn’t happen all the time or on all forums, but it is quite annoying to keep scrolling back down to see only the unread messages.


I use mobile phone and this happens quite often. It always seems to jump back exactly 20 posts. Sometimes I have just started to read the latest post when it jumps back. Sometimes I just jump back to the latest post and scroll back to see, if I missed any posts, sometimes the blue “back” - button appears. It doesn’t happen all the time, but many times a day.


I’ve noticed the same

Yes, same here. I’ve been meaning to open a thread about it for quite a few days, as it is rather annoying, but I kept forgetting to do it. It happens both on my phone on on the laptop.

Same here. I don’t recall when exactly it started happening but not that long ago. A few weeks? Maybe a bit longer.

Yes, same here. :see_no_evil:


Yes, I’ve been noticing this too but I would say it started just a few days ago. I’m using an android phone.

Same here, both on smartphone and on computer (both devices are always up to date).

If I recall it right, it started a short time after the last update.

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Some minutes ago I had the same problem for the first time.

That’s how I remember it too. Definitely longer than just a few days for me.

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Thanks for letting us know.

We are looking in to it.

Postcrossing Team


Yes, i open many threads and they work fine but suddenly they get back to 20-30 messages above

I have noticed this for some time too. I’ll be in the tags category and click on a thread to view. Then click the back button and many times it takes me back several days before instead of where I last was. I don’t look at the latest topics like you’ve linked to, but the tags, round robins and such are sorted for me to show the latest activity to oldest.

It seems this is an already reported issue and the Discourse team has applied a fix in August. We will get the fix when there’s a new stable release which is expected to happen in the end of January / early February and we’ll update to it some time after that.


Any update on this, I’m seeing this issue recently after it seemed to have stopped.

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A new version is out, but I haven’t had the chance yet to prepare the upgrade as some changes will be needed to accommodate for it. But it’s coming soon (next few weeks, I think).


Any update on this? I’m having this issue more frequently lately…


Me, too.

And meanwhile it’s not only jumping back a few days, it’s a few months most of the time and also most of the time the “back” - button is missing :smirk:

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We have hit several roadblocks on upgrading to the latest Discourse version and have been working our way through each of them. It has happened a few times that just as we get one issue sorted, another one poped up. But we are getting closer now so I hope to have news soon.


We (finally) upgraded to the latest Discourse version and this issue should now be fixed. Please do report otherwise.