View all the pictures in a topic

On twitter when I am looking at a profile I can click on the “media” tab to only see all the photos and videos that person has uploaded. Well, I would like to do that with topics on the forum! Sometimes there is a topic with lots of good discussion, but I just want to see the postcard photos. Often I do not want to join a swap tag, but am interested in the theme of the tag and would like to see what cards people have chosen to send for it. That’s all!


I wanna this function as well! When I read the Chain Card RR thread, some users share their completed postcards. I think it will be easier to see all the photos they share with this function. It can be useful when you read threads showing stamps too!

The link looks like spam
cc @Bille

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I wanted to say that I support this idea and I think it didn’t get enough attention originally. It’s a really good idea! But I’m not sure if it’s possible with Discourse.

Great Idea!