Vertical or horizontal stamps: Which do you prefer?

Random question: When sending a postcard, what kind of stamps do you prefer - horizontal or vertical? Of course, it may not make a bit of difference to any of you. But when I sent postcards from France recently, the postcards looked better with horizontal stamps. Also, sometimes they can obscure the name of whom I’m spending the postcard to.

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Yes, horizontal is my preference too. But sometimes the barcode is so that I prefer vertical, so I can hide the barcode.

For me it depends on the backside design of the postcard! If there was no design (backside all blank) I don’t have a real preference.

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I like all stamps but to send, horizontal stamps are more convenient because they leave more place to note the address.


I’ve always like horizontal stamps. When it comes to mailing postcards, I prefer vertical ones. I will sometimes horizontal ones on the card, but place them vertically. I do this especially when the description of the picture on the front might be blocked by the stamps.

Hmmm, I like both, since there are certain standard sizes so long side of vertical fits the short side of horizontal and they can be stuck neatly together. Since usually I use around 2-5 stamps per card, it adds some creativity at arranging them

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For postcards, I definately prefer horizontal stamps as they leave more space to write the address. For envelopes, either is fine for me.

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I prefer and use a horizontal comemorative stamps plus a vertical definitive 10 Cent stamp of the flower series if necessary. That combination does neither cover the picture descrioton nor the address area.