Valentine’s Cards or Postcards for 4th graders at Man Elementary School

Coffee Chat: Valentine’s Day decorations and cards for elementary students

Facebook Post on Man Elementary’s Facebook page

Valentine’s Cards or Postcards for Elementary Students:

Mel shared that an elementary school in her former state of West Virginia is asking for Valentine’s cards and postcards from all 50 states! It’s for a school project for a fourth-grade class at Man Elementary School in Man, W.Va. Please include a return address if you would like a note mailed back to you.

Address to Send Cards or Postcards:

You can mail cards to

Man Elementary School
C/O Fourth Grade
1 Pioneer Path
Man, WV 25635
United States of America

I thought some of you would want to mail this classroom a postcard.


I’ve got a card from Florida for them!

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Sending from Tennessee

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I’m on it!!

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Sending from New York City. JamesC

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I have one from Texas on its way.

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One from the southern tier region of New York State sent today!

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Vermont sent

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