USPS Postage Prices to Rise in August -- are you stocking up?

To my fellow American postcrossers, the USPS is raising postage rates in August. Since I send a lot of postcards (via postcrossing and to family), I am stocking up on stamps. Do you have plans to get a few sheets before the price hike? I nabbed 3 sheets of international stamps today.


I called the post office to clarify the cost of US postcard stamps. Postcard stamps are not FOREVER stamps.
but International stamps are . He thinks International stamp will increase by .10 cents!

He wasn’t sure about the exact amount of either reg. mail or postcard stamp. It might be .58 and .38 cents.

Maybe stock up on low value stamps to add to postcard stamps!

I’m with you, l’ll be stocking up on International stamps!


The rate request hasn’t been approved by the board that needs to approve it, but the request is to increase international letters or postcards from $1.20 to $1.30. I hope that won’t be too much that it discourages participation in Postcrossing. I have some international stamps to use when there’s only room for one stamp, but most of the time I try to use a combination of recently issued stamps.


in rely to the postcard rate. the postcard stamp issued by the usps is a postcard stamp, like the global stamp, domestic 1 oz., additional ounce stamp are all forever stamps - they can be used for future at current rate. today, domestic postcard is 36¢ but still can be used when postage goes up in august. but buying a postcard stamp after the august 29th will cost 40¢. same to the other increased prices.


I bought an embarrassing amount of commemorative stamps. The postmistress thought I was a stamp collector! :star_struck: I bought a roll of stamps at the post office forgetting I had bought a roll online. Went to put them away only to find another roll in the tin. :scream: Yep, three rolls of boring :yawning_face:flag stamps!


I beg to differ. I called the post office. Postcard stamps are not FOREVER stamps.
That means we will need low value stamps to our postcards.

Take a look at your postcard stamps - if they have “Postcard” printed on them, they are Forever stamps


I’ve been told the same by a misinformed postal worker during the last price increase early this year, which doesn’t surprise me considering how many misinformed postal workers I encounter.

Postcard stamps will always be valid for the current postcard rate. Just as “additional ounce” stamps will always be valid for the current rate of an additional ounce.

Behold, a screenshot from the USPS website:

And the link:

Of course, if you want to overpay based on what a misinformed postal worker told you, go ahead. But please don’t pass along the misinformation.



Well I called, so I’ll wait until August. I was confused because THE PC STAMP says FOREVER :thinking::thinking:

Don’t worry, I am sure postcrossers are savvy and will check for themselves.

I think the confusion is because technically only the first class rate stamps are NAMED Forever stamps. However, any stamp that does not have a numeric amount printed on it will ACT like a Forever stamp does- so a “Postcard” stamp will always be worth whatever it costs to mail a postcard, a Global stamp will always be worth the international rate, etc, no matter how much it cost when you first purchased it.

So the postal worker was technically correct in telling you postcard stamps are not Forever stamps, but they did not correctly answer the actual question I think you were trying to ask, which is whether or not the Postcard stamp will always be worth the postcard rate. I can 100% guarantee you that any stamp which is printed with the word “postcard” and not a numeric value will ALWAYS be sufficient to send a standard postcard within the US! (Unless there is some unprecedented, major overhaul of our entire postal system, of course… :sweat_smile:)


I have been accused of being “disparaging” in my comment above, so I just wanted to add on that I’m not trying to accuse or blame anyone for spreading misinformation! All these different postal rates and increases can be confusing, so I just wanted to offer a fuller explanation as to why additional postage will not be needed if you’re using a postcard stamp after the rate increase. I didn’t want any other users to see the comments above and feel like they have to overpay - especially for a hobby that is getting increasingly expensive. :joy:


I currently use a Statue of Freedom stamp ($1.00) and an Extra Ounce stamp ($.20) to mail an international postcard, for a total cost of $1.20.
After the increase, using 3 postcard stamps, (purchased now, for a cost of $1.08), their new value will be $1.20, leaving me only to add a $.10 stamp to reach the required new cost of $1.30. This means that sending an international postcards could actually cost $.02 less if you plan ahead.

Someone please let me know if my math is wrong


Fourth of July is around the corner. July is in a few days. Boring flag stamps become patriotic stamps. Especially of you’re postcard themes for your swaps or officials are Americana themed.

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I also use boring flag stamps on packages. I send packages and weigh them at home and stamp them with the machine flag stamps and the flag books.

OH I’m sorry for misconstruing your message!! Talk about confusion :sweat_smile: I try hard to always be polite on these forums; I’m glad it was just a miscommunication!

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I have tried twice to stock up, only to get enthusiastic signing up for Round Robins and Tags, and using up the sheets of stamps that I bought!

So, yeah, I did, but no, it does me no good. Ah well, I feel so much richer from all the great communications and cards that it makes up for my sad lack of budgeting skills. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Some observations here about this issue:

â–şPostmaster Louis DeJoy is a political hack. He got his hands slapped by the Congress. I never believe the mumbo-jumbo coming out of his mouth.

â–şFor years, I have always used two Commemorative Forever stamps + a gummed commemorative to make up the difference. In recent years, the USPS has had some fine stamps issued. In between, they have issued some real klunkers or goofy stamps. I have always ordered my stamps through the USPS fulfillment center in Kansas City. I have other good sources to buy older US stamps at face value.

►I may stock up on stamps before the end of August. But it won’t be due to the cost of mailing out official cards; I will probably say goodbye to doing that. Between the number of unsuitable cards I get back and expires, this decision was easy. I will pivot to RRs, in envelope swaps, some tags, etc. Get more bang for the buck and better cards.


Don’t feel bad. The USPS branches sometimes don’t have anything but boring stamps for sale.

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My town PO has a very small stamp selection but the town I work in is better. I wish ordering on-line did not include a shipping fee but I can take my time and buy older stock