USPS NIXIE outbox... is this a thing?

Take a look at the photos. I took the pictures to show my son, so he doesn’t get confused when he sends my cards. I haven’t noticed this “Nixie Mail” on other post offices. Do you have this available in your post office?

I only learned about “Nixie” codes the other day. That label has got to be a joke or a prank, right? Nixie is undeliverable mail.

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@aerobear is right next to the PO Boxes, so I asume people dump the mail not addressed for them.

I give it straight to the person at the counter. I used to work in the post office on USS Comstock for a brief spell of 6 months when I was in the Navy. We were taught to black out the address but leave the name and stamp or write return to sender. I still do that. I see a mail carrier in my street I give it to him. I mostly go to the post office I mail packages at and say here’s some mail that isn’t mine and I give it to them.