Users showing cards on Social Media

I am a member of the Postcrossing-group of Reddit and it is frequent that people show cards that they got - meaning the message and even the address of the sender.
I feel like a robot repeating that this is not allowed, regardless of how cool the card is.
Is there any way to intervene?


In addition if there is the ID number, you can look here who got this card and report the member here, linking the Reddit post. Maybe it feels more important if they get a message from the team here :thinking: it can be they don’t even know it’s not ok.

But of course some people don’t care, they just want the likes :expressionless:


You can report them via Contact us
for showing the text side violates the postcrossing rules.


Thank you for the ideas.
Sometimes it is enough when I write to them directly. I just do not understand how people do not understand about protection of data…


I joined that group briefly and left after reading several people piling on about someone with a demanding profile. The profile was very easy to locate through a Google search. I reported it and was told it was fine. I can understand your frustration. I sent a photo of the back of a card I decorated to my mom the other day and still made sure to write the address after!


I also found the sub to be a bit toxic, it’s a shame, I like the forum more :slight_smile:

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