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A Big Hello from India to all Postcrossers.

I have already referred the full guidelines for using logo of Postcrossing, however I couldn’t get the answer to my query. So posting here for guidance of fellow Postcrossers and to know what do they feel.

As we know all social media platforms as well as video content provider have their own logo. The same is being used everywhere to refer the respective platform. Considering the size of full logo and it’s limitations, apart from the logo they are using a tiny icon to refer the platform. While using mobile applications we are clicking a tiny icon only. Even all users of respective platform put their username prefixed by the tiny icon of the platform to refer their presence on respective platform.

Just want to know whether Postcrossing has made any set of rules for using an icon of Postcrossing. Suppose a Postcrosser want to share his Postcrossing user id on his visiting card, whether they have to type full url of Postcrossing website with his user id / whether they have to share it with Postcrossing logo or they can simply put “P”
Icon and go ahead.

I didn’t find my answer in help section (logo guidelines).
Hoping for clarity from fellow Postcrossers.

I think the right answer will come from @paulo and @meiadeleite


The icon is part of the logo, so the same rules apply, I think. But let’s see what Paulo and Meiadeleite say.

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The logo guidelines cover the use of the Postcrossing logo and one of the guidelines in there is that the logo can’t be changed (as in, only using the :postcrossing: part of it) — so the logo guidelines do not cover the use only the :postcrossing:. This however doesn’t mean the :postcrossing: can be used, but rather, that it can’t — at least not under the permission the logo guidelines gives.

For any use not covered in guidelines, you should contact us with details so that we can look into the particular use. There are scenarios where it may be ok and others where it’s very not ok, so we can’t give a general answer here as it often depends.



I have already specified the desired use of “P”

I wanna confirm whether is it enough to write only “P” to refer Postcrossing platform in one’s visiting card. Just the way we indicate a tiny icon of concerned social media platform. We are not writting Facebook / Whatsapp / Twitter in full, but a tiny icon only.

I am not thoroughly fluent with the use of Logos. But I do know that if a Logo is trademarked (either ™ or ®), the owner retains rights how it is used. As Paulo noted there are many scenarios governing the proper use of Logos.

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And Paulo has given you the answer: Contact them!


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