USA - Where to get postcards

I’ve fallen in love with the cards from! Also, if you are in the Franklin, TN area, there is a stall at the Painted Tree Marketplace that sells the Spirit of Nashville cards - I love those designs! They are also sold at the Made in TN store inside the Factory.


Arizona themed postcards are available in bulk from

Price is currently $26.85 per 100 plus shipping. There is a nice choice of designs offered.

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I can’t find your ebay store…I’m searching under seller with that user id…I must be doing something wrong…I’ll try again

I checked too, seems like it :confused: And i can’t change the link as well. That’s so sad :frowning:

i know right…and now i’m on a postcard search for some reason i feel the need for new postcards suddenly…thank goodness for ebay

Hi y’all!

My last postcard received came from the :liberia:
After reading the profile of my Sender I was delighted to discover she had originally started an online postcard shop (this was before becoming a Postcrosser - since then, may I add, Brett says she is having “so much fun with it!”).

Please check it out!

The Postcard Maven offers FREE DELIVERY and a 25% DISCOUNT if you buy 5 postcards or more sitewide.

I think it would wonderful to support one of our own🥰

7 Likes has a blowout package of 100 postcards for 14.99 plus shipping, You may also be able to use the coupon code Welcome15 for 15% off. I have ordered these a few times and you get a big mix of cards, some good some just okay. A little larger than 4x6 but good quality.

As for the state of Michigan, They sell an assortment of postcards at Port Sheldon Party Store
address is 6789 Butternut Dr, West Olive, MI 49460
Also the Grand Haven Mejier has a few in the card section.

Hope this helps!


I edited fred meyer into salem bc I know they have postcards there. But they might in other fred Meyers i don’t know why they wouldn’t. Just thought I’d mention

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I’m from western NY and was just in Rochester today. As you mentioned I found a number of cards at Wegmans. And a great price compared to $1 each at the Thruway gift shop for the same cards. They had quite the NY asst. Buffalo wings, scenic, animal related…not just Rochester. Very happy!

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If someone in Burlington county, NJ, you can check Cracker Barrel, LOLA’S Menagerie and Cheerful Dreams.


I didn’t see North Carolina represented here, so I added a few places I’ve had good luck finding postcards.


Years ago I shopped at White drugstore in downtown Bismark on 5th street and they had good cards. They sold them for around $.25 and had a nice selection. You might see if they are still in business; they were happy to do a mail order and I bought from them several times.

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PostcardsAndMore on eBay sells lots of 50 for $11.99 plus $2.99 shipping and 1000 for $59.99 plus $15.00 shipping. They have 34,950 ratings, none are negative, only 4 are neutral, and they have a 100% seller rating. They also specifically mention PostCrossing in their product descriptions.


If you don’t use eBay often, you may not know this…if you add something to your Watch List, there’s a chance a seller could offer you a deal. I added a $100 order of over 100 postcards. A little while later I got an email with a 20% off offer. I ended up getting them for $85 including tax.


It looks like there is a 10% discount when you sign up for their newsletter.

And there’s a 50% off your first mail subscription (which includes cards and postage).

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I am very impressed with the quality of THE POSTCARD MAVEN’S postcards. Strong and sturdy!

I have a list of places in Santa Fe where I’ve found great postcards:
Santa Fe Camera
Santa Fe Hemp
Santa Fe Art Museum
Santa Fe History Museum
Santa Fe Folk Art Museum
Five & Dime
Collected Works
Moon Rabbit Toys
IAIA Museum
Balloon Fiesta
Georgia O’Keefe Museum
Temptations (near Moon Rabbit)
and I’m not sure, but I think Jackalope and Garcia Street Books might have postcards, too.

Museum of the City of New York sells black and white postcards for $1.25 each. Search under “postcards.”

If you are looking for “liberal” cards (politics, environment, feminism, gay etc) this seller may be of interest. Be sure to see the sale section. Min order is $15. I ordered several set of Native American cards and had no problems.