USA (outgoing) postage question

Have experienced U. S. members found that a single postcard in an envelope falls within the minimum $1.30 international rate, or does that require some sort of extra postage?

The international rate is $1.30 whether in an envelope or not. :slight_smile: I hope that answers your question. :slight_smile:

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$1.30 should be enough for it. I’ve sent up to 4 postcards in an envelope internationally for that much since it’s =/< 1 oz.

But if the postcard is landscape sized, it might cost more because of the dimensions.

Thanks folks! I was asking for members who specify they want to receive enclosed cards.

Just making sure you know that you’re not obligated to send cards in envelopes if you don’t want to. Requests from other PCers are just that, requests and not demands.

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@Johnk60 As mentioned by @xxiiangel, as long as the total weight is less than 1 oz, you should be golden with $1.30. If it gets above that limit, then you should refer to the USPS First-Class Mail International pricing.

I will sometimes put the card in an envelope, even if the requestor doesn’t explicitly ask for it, if it is going to a country where I think a “letter” has a better chance of being delivered than a postcard or if it’s to a “rare” country where I want to ensure that it arrives, e.g. US-8116734.

I have fit up to 5 cards in a letter size thin cardboard mailer and have had no issues. As long as it is somewhat flexible.

Thanks to you all! I would use an envelope if the other person requests it, especially if they collect stamps, not wanting to damage the postcard.