USA Lottery (CLOSED)

I just thought it might be fun to do a USA exclusive lottery. (Not to be rude of course)

For fun I will pull out one completely random card from a box. You can decide if you want it written or unwritten

how to enter

Comment consecutive number (#0)
Your username (@ZooDawg)
And if you want unwritten or written

I’ll close it on June 1st
Happy postcrossing

(I use a random number generator app to decide the winner by the way)

The winner is…

#3 @dnrhott

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#1 @jewelldelis

Thank you for the lottery. I’d love a written card.

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#2 @Crystalinne
written please
Thank you for the random lottery.

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#3 written thanks :blush:

#4 @maami

Written please! Thank you for the lottery!!

#5 ellistrations

Written, please!

Thank you for the lottery! :smiley:

#6 cali29
Thanks for the lottery :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:! I’d like the card written.

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#7 @lavieay

Thanks for the lottery, I like written please! :tulip:


Written please

Thank you !

9 @marora
written please. Thank you for the lottery!

#10 @piperwashere
Written. Thank you!

#11 @BarbL

Written, please. Thanks for the chance :grin:

#12 MystiqueDeep

Written, please. Thank you!