USA Lighthouse stamps: bad perforations?

Has anyone else had trouble with the lighthouse stamps?
I bought two sheets of the new Mid-Atlantic Lighthouse stamps from USPS, and they are an absolute pain to try to remove from the sheet. The perforations are not cut all the way through, and they tear slightly if I’m not super careful. These are genuine USPS stamps.

No…have not had that trouble here…

I haven’t had any trouble either. I wonder if it varies by batch? If you look at the back of the stamp sheet, there’s a tiny diagram showing where your sheet originated. Mine was from the bottom right hand corner of the original sheet.

Edited to add: it sort of looks like this–



Mine are fine.

No problem with mine. Maybe you have misperfed sheets. Could be worth more than 58 cents each to a collector. Don’t separate them though! Just don’t expect to cash in like with the upside down airplanes of 1918 (which was a one of a kind QC glitch). Misperfs are surprisingly common.

Interesting! I didn’t know misperforated sheets were a thing. These are a huge pain in the butt, and I’ve already used several off the sheet. I just wondered if DeJoy had somehow made stamps flimsier and poorer quality, too.