USA Illustrated Vintage Postcards

My first time posting in the forum so forgive me if I do something wrong :sweat_smile:

I was wondering if these vintage postcards with the yellow border have a name to them that would make them easier to search or talk about. I searched the manufacturer listed on the back and didn’t have any luck. From what I can find, they seem to only be from the US?

Thank you :blush:


It looks like you posted a ‘linen’ card.

Check this site for printing process of one of the publishers of that type:


Great thank you! This is helpful, I didn’t realize they were referred to simply as linen cards and “Teich’s” thank you!

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The Curt Teich company archives are now at the Newberry in Chicago

Sooooo many were made & sold, easily found in antique stores etc but you can also buy new ones in this style (they have the look but they are not textured in feel):

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I have a couple of these I set aside for sending. My dad was collecting them from thrift stores. Are there any in particular you are searching for? It looks like the California ones were printed by Longshaw Card Co. And I have an easy coast one printed by Tichnor Bros Inc. Happy hunting! :grinning:

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Nothing in particular! Just wanted to be clear on what people referred to them as so I could put it in my bio. I feel a lot of postcrossers don’t really like to receive vintage cards but I love them!


I love this card and vintage cards in general :heart_eyes: