[USA] Cost for more than 1 ounce

I hope this is the right place for this question. I am in the USA and to send one letter one ounce or less is 55 cents. Each additional ounce is 15 cents(i think this might be changing to 20 cents?). To send a one ounce letter to another country is 1.20 dollars. But how much is each additional ounce? Does it differ by country? When I need to send a letter over an ounce, I take it to the post office and pay for a label. I would like to know the cost so I am able to use stamps instead.

I too prefer to use stamps over labels. I ask the postal clerk “how much would this be to send; I have my own stamps”, and he kindly writes the amount due in the corner, so I can find a counter and run through the stamps I want to use.

On January 24th, 2021, the additional ounce rate for domestic mail goes up. Currently an extra ounce is a 15 cents add on.

1 oz 55 cents
2 oz 70 cents
3 oz 85 cents

From Jan 24th, the rates go up to 20 cents. They will be as follows.

1 oz 55 cents
2 oz 75 cents
3 oz 90 cents

For international letters. I have found an extra ounce is usually 1.04 add on but this will vary. Use postcalc.usps.com to figure out correct postage based on weight. I use a food scale at home.

Thank you!! I also use a kitchen scale.

If you’re shipping international you can use this site to check how much it will cost for each oz

there is a postage calculator on the usps.com website. I work there and even I use this, because YES, it is different per country…there are 6 country codes it falls into depending on how far away it is from the USA. Basically it is the same cost per ounce over, most 2 ounce cards will be around $2.10 or so to Europe (might go up tomorrow with the postal changes), slight discount from double the price, but if you just have international stamps you can put 2 on there and be ok. Canada is the one country that we in the USA can send 2 ounces to for the same price as 1 ounce!!

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dollar tree sells little scales in the kitchen dept…they are accurate enough that you can know right away how heavy your letters are and select your stamps from the comfort of home…also you can often know that there is no way you can get your envelope down to 1 ounce and it just a hair in the 2 ounce rate…so go ahead and stick some stickers, or memo paper, or a brochure from a local site etc…maybe even a tea bag in there. People enjoy the extras and you get your full money’s worth! haha