USA - Better Options than MOO or Vistaprint?

I recently ordered postcards through MOO and Vistaprint. I was unhappy with both for a few reasons:

  • Limited paper/finish options
  • Pretty much every option on 18pt+ paper was coated on both sides
  • MOO shipping time was long, and first order arrived bent/damaged

Does anyone have suggestions for better custom printing in the USA?

Note that even when both vendors said 1 side would be uncoated, it almost always was!

I’d suggest to look for a local printshop. I print postcards for meetups regularly and work with a local business where I have better options to customize the postcard finish and the postcards are ready in a week. However, there may be a limitation of a minimal number of cards per design

Is “Custom Printing” a must here? Just curious.

Yup! For meetups/special events.

@lisbit…ohhh okay. :slight_smile:

I design my postcards on Zazzle.

Only downside is they are a bit small. But the printing is always on target. They also have 50% off sales fairly often, and if you sign up for Zazzle plus, you pay one annual shipping fee. Which if you order often, saves a lot on shipping.