US stamp sizes

I finished my roll of additional ounce stamps & started the sheet I had ordered. I was really suprised by the difference in size between two of the same stamps. Is there any reason for the difference?

Did you buy the smaller ones from the USPS? I just reordered the school bus stamps and they are the same size they have always been.

In the U.S.P.S. “Product Specs” for this stamp, only one size is listed.

School Bus Stamps |

On second thought:

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The difference is that the top one came from a pane (or sheet) of twenty stamps, and the bottom one came from a coil. The coil stamp is slightly smaller, and has no perforations on the left and right sides. See the release announcement for full details of both sizes. Stamp Announcement 23-2: School Bus Stamp




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They were all purchased directly from the USPS

Zed got it right - the smaller ones are sold in a roll - the larger ones on a sheet

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