US Postal Rate Increase coming in July?

I just read that there is a proposed increase (still just a proposal but when have they ever been NOT approved?) effective July 10th. The price of a postcard outside of the USA will go from $1.30 to $1.40 !
Right now, I put two forever stamps and a 14¢ on my cards (I have several left in my supply). I guess I’ll start putting 2 forevers(which will be worth 60¢) and 2 10¢ stamps on. I hate using more real estate on my card though to stamp space. The “global stamps” are BORING!

P.S. the domestic postcard stamp will go from 40¢ to 44¢. Although they don’t say “forever” on them, the domestic postcard stamp just says “postcard” so they’ll still be good. Time to stock up on those before the rate increase.


Does the postal increase mean a quality customer service, expedited delivery, undamaged and/or , defaced postcards/stamps as they go through the meat grinder? :thinking:


You would want to think so, but actually its just to alleviate the financial problems that the USPS has right now.

Two tens will seem like a boring duplication a bit for me, so I might be open to a vintage combination that’s slightly over. Also, though they’re going up to 24¢ in July, a one-ounce rabbit bought now only cost the buyer the required 20¢ extra.

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I just saw on ebay someone selling 20¢ face value stamps in packages of 100. So 2 forevers and a 20¢ would be good.

Right now, 2 additional ounce stamps are .78 cents. So I think one 2 ounce stamp, 1 forever, plus one 2¢ would work out. Although I’m guessing the price of the two-ounce stamp will also increase so you’d be paying more for those after the increase.

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Yes, which is why I’m planning on another sheet of 3 oz soon to save 20¢ per stamp.

Nope. It’s been run into the ground financially and has struggled for many, many years. This might make a small dent financially, from what I understand, but probably won’t improve service or anything else.


No it’s actually the opposite. Poor customer service, sometimes delayed deliveries, etc. The USPS is drowning in red ink and each year they raise prices. This outfit couldn’t sell tents to Bedouins.

@anon65713413…I will give you my viewpoint and please take it as only that. In December 2021, I decided to stop Official Postcrossing. When the Pandemic hit in 2020, with the ever-increasing costs of mail, and the realization that I regularly received cards nowhere near the quality of cards I sent out, I stepped back and reflected on what I would do going forward. And that was my decision.

I prefer to do in-envelope swaps in the Forum. For $1.20 or $1.30 and soon $1.40, I can swap 5 cards for the price of one card by itself. I do participate in a few tags (mostly moderated); but here I join those tags and RRs that interest me & know what I will get back if someone tags me. I really like to dress up my envelopes, and my traders like it too. I have a large stock of 5c and 4c stamps that I have been using; some 20c and 22c. I plan to buy more 20c and 22c Commemoratives from a dealer soon. That’s how I view this matter…

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I agree with 5 postcards in one envelope. More bang for your buck!
To avoid damaging the postcard, I now put my postcards in cellophane bags after getting them round stamped.
I’ve received cards in Saran wrap. I’ll do that next when I run out of cello bags.

@cliffside…Thats a good idea, and you went off on that tangent of cards received versus cards you send and I realize I feel that way too, maybe not with the cards themselves, but I put a lot of effort into writing on my card, and don’t find “happy postcrossing”, or “this is a picture of a castle near my house” at all interesting. I might move to a more “pen-pal-esque” site where I can have deeper correspondence with less people to squeeze more enjoyment out of my $1.40.

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I have gotten one actual Happy Postcrossing card so far; I suppose the sender intended the stickers she added as well added to the content.

Most people try to make an effort both with the cards and messaging, granted not all. Tourist viewcards can get boring at times, which is why I try to limit sending those. For U. S. members it seems a tradeoff that we have perhaps greater access to card variety, but are stuck with what I feel is USPS limited current commemoratives selection.

I hear what your saying about the duplication, but my thing is to take up as little room as possible. I have some 20¢ stamps now, but also have some 32¢ so I might buy some additional ounce stamps too. 2 of those x 24¢ + 1 forever 60¢ + one 32¢= $1.40…so if I can mix up the sizes of the stamps that might work for me too.

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