US Mid Atlantic Lighthouse Stamps DISCONTINUED

Once again, it appears the USPS has discontinued a stamp without any advanced notice; from my Saved folder:

Several stamps are “officially” being discontinued at the end of June:

These came with a notice to POs to stop selling all remaining stamps and return them.

I really can’t figure this out and I think this is the 5th time I’ve been shut out - I was planning on buying more Lighthouse stamps before the increase. Before this one:

Moon Landing Anniversary
Earth Day

Ebay’s bailed me out a couple of times at a reasonable price, but it’s still annoying. :rage:

Addendum: The Lighthouses was the 3rd where I got the cards and went to buy the matching stamps and…(you’d think I’d learn, right?! But noooo!)
Just bought two sheets on ebay.

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Oh no! I really liked those, darn. Perfect for PCers who like lighthouses…

I just bought like four sheets of the Title 9 stamps and the service dog stamps because I like them so much. I’ve always heard that they just keep selling stamps until they sell out, but I guess it’s more complicated than that. :cry:


Yeah, this happened to me with the California dogface stamps. You can try calling the usps stamp line and they sometimes have a few left in stock, but besides that and a few other independent sellers (eBay and such), it’s just a crappy situation.


What my post office told me is when they call the stamps in they are then sold on the USPS website. So you might find them there for awhile but I have never checked so not sure.


Well, I’ve got the list; I’ll check the website in the beginning of July and report back.

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Although stamps may no longer appear on the USPS web site, they may still be available. About two years ago, this happened with an issue that I really liked. So I called USPS fulfillment in Kansas City and was told by a representative that when inventory falls below 10,000 sheets, they pull it off the website. But I was able to purchase more sheets of the item in question with this rep.

►Another factor to consider is that with postage rates going up next month, there may have been a run to buy Forever stamps at current prices, with stock being sold out. Here I am guessing.


Thanks for this info - it’s another (big) piece of info I didn’t have. And, in fact, three of the stamps listed as being discontinued are already not available on the website. Nonetheless, I’ve saved the remaining to see what happens next week.

A week ago, my local post office had a few sheets of Earth Day stamps in stock so I bought a couple. Honestly, I wasn’t that thrilled with these lighthouses. The Kwanzaa stamp that’s being pulled (with the lady not the family) had an excellent color scheme to it.

I’ve gone through my Scooby Doo stock (paired with Star Wars), ready to move on to Mississippi River (paired with Edmonia Lewis).

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The Kwanzaa stamp being discontinued is the 2018 one:

I’m still using the lighthouse stamps 'cause I created a lighthouse card that’s been well received. I was thinking 'bout the Mississippi stamps, but, on closer examination, I just don’t like the pictures they’ve chosen. I am especially looking forward to:

  • Charles Schultz
  • Webb Telescope
  • Marine Sanctuaries (which has much better photos/illustrations)

If you’re not a stamp collector, it’s definitely up to your own tastes. As I’ve said before, I aim for a final card that represents me and the things I might share with the receiver.

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Ok, here’s the same list I posted earlier. As of 6/30/22, as announced, all the remaining stamps that were listed to be discontinued for sale at PO’s have been discontinued online as well.

Im glad I bought a few sheets of Ravens before they disappeared…am looking forward to the illustrated elephants in August