US members: has anyone heard about Household Diary Study from USPS?

Hey US members!
Today I received a mail about participating this ‘Household Diary Study’ from USPS. Is it even legit? I found some relevant information their website, but I’ve received too many scams, including some non-existent bank transactions.

Maybe it’s possible that they noticed the number of my incoming international cards? Well but that’s not even that many – joined in October last year, I probably have received about 20 so far, including those from both pc official and forum. As of outgoing mails, they won’t have a way to monitor that.

Also, there is a monetary incentive associated with this participation, which is what makes me suspicious in the first place.

Wondering if anyone has got, or heard of the same thing?

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I looked on the usps website and there is an email to contact them with questions about the study. You might take it to your local post office and see if they can verify that it is from usps.


There definitely is such a thing, but of course it would also be possible for scammers to send out a fake version (as with anything else.)

As for “why” you got it or what USPS already knows about your mailing habits, I think it’s just random :slightly_smiling_face: - they survey around 5,000 households a year, and it’s meant to be a representative sample, not intentionally targeted at heavy users of the postal service.

Does it want you to reply by real mail, or fill out info on a website? Either way I would Google the address you send it back to and/or web address given, and make sure it’s the actual one used by the real Household Diary Study, just to be safe.

Sounds like a fun opportunity to brag on all the cool mail you get through Postcrossing :blush: