US card travel time

US members: are our cards taking longer to travel? Is there a slowdown happening? Is the post office even processing our cards?
My cards to Europe don’t seem to be arriving and I’m puzzled. If you work for USPS and have any insight please let me know!

My cards seem to be at their average travel times, at least to Germany. Within the country they’ve been a bit slower, but I feel like that’s par for the course. Non-official cards I’ve sent to other countries, I haven’t kept as much track of, so I can’t say anything for sure.

I’ve noticed my domestic cards are taking more time than my international cards…


I understand what you’re saying, but am coming to believe it’s more a matter of the other country’s postal system than ours? In other words, I think USPS sends them to okay

Normally cards to Europe take 2 weeks…I have a card to Finland now at 39 days.

I sent one to a friend in London and it took exactly one month from Sept 6 to Oct 6. I’ve had others about 2 weeks.

One card from USA was arrived in Italy after 2 months! Card from other person took around one week :woman_shrugging: But yes , it’s more slowly now

Yes, it’s horrible. It’s our postal system, not anyone else’s. I drew like 8 USA addresses about 2 weeks ago and only two arrived within 5 days. Most took 11 or 12 days, and some have still not arrived even to states bordering mine. These are all to active users who are registering cards every day. That’s not normal. I believe the slowdown is because of the upcoming election/mail voting.


Hello Izzy I don’t know what is happening. My cards to the US are now 26 days traveling.

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I’ve been noticing lengths of three weeks within the US for several years. But recently my cards are taking about five days and catch me by surprise.

I’m not surprised :roll_eyes: Mail gets delivered two or three times a week and even within Finland it can take up to three weeks for a card to travel. The Finnish post is rubbish these days.

This!! I had a card arrive to Japan or India faster than a card a few states away.

I wonder if now that the midterm elections are over it will pick up? I was getting 2-3 campaign flyers every day and I have to imagine that volume can slow things down?

I started having erratic mail service here in October. It was mainly me not getting my cards. However I started to see a trend so I delayed sending cards so I could send a chunk out at a time and see if I could find a pattern but there is no rhyme or reason that I can find. I’m so irritated as I spend a good amount of time picking out just the right card and stamps and it’s about $3.50 per card sent.

Can you see a pattern?

These are my sent cards that actually arrived

And these are my traveling cards.

It seems odd to me half from each lot seem to make it and half haven’t. Also how is it that out of three cards I sent on the same day one went all the way to Japan and the two to USA were registered the same day.

I wish our mail center would get it together. :frowning:

It’s a little surprising (also sad) that domestic travel time is on average two weeks :disappointed_relieved: I am waiting for some cards sent domestically, for about 1-2 weeks. Seeing your statistics, I guess more patience is needed from my side :eyes:

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