[URGENT] South Korea - Need some help posting!

Hello South Korean postcrossers! I was in Seoul last week and I pulled a bunch of addresses, but I never got the chance to post them. Can I send them to someone in South Korea to post them? I’ll throw in a card for you to make it worth your while too! Thank you in advance!

BTW if you’re one of the people I arranged swaps with in South Korea I did post these, no worries there!

Please keep in mind you are not allowed to pass on the addresses you were given by the system.

The last time I used travel mode abroad I was not able to find stamps. But I managed to buy cards. After the short trip I send them from my home and apologised in a short sentence for the mismatch between stamp and ID Country.
My thought on this, I would be totally find to get your card, especially if you include some impressions of your trip.


Ahh yes you’re right. They’re already stamped and everything, they didn’t fit in the postbox I put everything else in and I couldn’t find another before I got to the airport D: But I’ll post them from here instead, and I’ll find something to do about the stamps. Thanks for the input!

Okay, that is different. :thinking: so they are already finished to send. In that case I would maybe put them all in one envelope, look up a post office in South Korea and send them there. With a small note, that you weren’t able to drop them off. I am pretty sure, they will take care of your cards and they will make their journey.

Hi, did I see this too late?
I think I can help you if there are already Korean stamps on it.
I won’t read the contents and addresses.
What do you mean it didn’t fit in the postbox? Are the cards too big? :thinking: