*URGENT* Please Help with address formatting for Spain!

Hi! I really need help.

I am trying to send a postcard to a friend in spain, but he have me his address as a bunch of words and numbers, and I need to make sure that the formatting is correct! I can write out an example of what he sent looks like: Spain Malaga 12345 Calle N 12

If somebody could please help me with this, that would be amazing! Thanks :slight_smile:

Here, take a look at the UPU guidelines: https://www.upu.int/UPU/media/upu/PostalEntitiesFiles/addressingUnit/espEn.pdf

In your example I would say itโ€˜s:

Calle N 12
12345 Malaga


Thank you so much!!
Life saver :slight_smile:

Can I send you a postcard as a thanks?

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No problem! :slight_smile:
Thereโ€™s no need to send me a card, but thank you for the offer.

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