Upstate NY poster store closing

just thought I’d let anyone in the area know that Poster Art (654 Monroe Ave Rochester, NY 14607) is closing. and while yes, they certainly have posters…they also have thousands of postcards. approx 60 days left until closing.


Wow, amazing they’ve hung on this long and sadly they don’t have postcards listed on their Ebay site, but they do have hundreds of posters there for sale.

at the moment, the postcards are in-person sales only. I’m not sure if that will change afterwards.

I really wanna check them out, but unfortunately 6hrs driving from NJ… :frowning_face:

They really do have thousands of postcards, something for everyone ~ going to be so sad when they are gone. I’ve been several times recently to get postcards and will be going as many more times as I can before they close.


This is very sad news. He has been struggling for years. But in the past, they were a very strong buyer/seller of a wide range of postcards. They used to buy lots from us at VisionWorks, now located at We hope to find new stores for the postcards we wholesale as this Pandemic lets up. But it is quite a challenge these days. If one is anywhere close to them, this seems like the last chance to visit and purchase from remaining stock.

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Wow! I went to school at RIT, and never even knew this place existed (this was long before I knew about Postcrossing). However, I discovered Postcrossing while living in Buffalo and would have driven to Rochester to meet up with friends and stop into this store, had I known.

I wish the border wasn’t closed, or I would use this as an excuse to drive down to Rochester to visit people and get postcards! :slight_smile: