Uploading a better image of a postcard

Today I received a postcard of a painting. The card was pretty beat up by the time it arrived.

Instead of taking a photo of the card, I downloaded the painting from the net and uploaded that for both of our walls.

I didn’t see anything on the community guidelines on this, but are we supposed to upload the card that we got, or is it okay to download a better image of the subject?

I am puzzled why you would want to do that? I mean if the sender did not upload the image of the card you received, why would you do what you propose to do? On two occasions, I scanned two postcards that I received, but the senders did not upload. I really liked the views, but again, what I scanned were the actual front sides of what I got.

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I’d upload what I receive. If the card is damaged, I will upload the damaged card. In my opinion, every card tells a story and the damage card has a pretty cool story to tell. I embrace all travel scars, that’s what makes the card even more special.


I did it once for a famous photograph that arrived significantly torn & distorting the image, but I would only do so very rarely for situations like that, not routinely.

If the sender hasn’t already uploaded a picture themselves, I scan the actual card and upload that, even if the card itself is damaged. Technically, you can upload whatever you want and the sender can’t do anything because at this point, as the receiver, you “own” the card and do whatever you want with your received wall. But I think it’s on the honor system that you upload an actual representation of the postcard that was sent and received.

I suppose you could argue that an image elsewhere on the internet is identical to the painting on the postcard so it’s basically the “same”. But then again, the representation of the painting on the postcard went through totally different experiences than, say, an image on a museum website. I kind of think of it like this: if you have separate photos of Bob and Tom, would you still label a photograph that was actually of Tom as a photo of Bob and call it an acceptable substitute simply because they look the same?

Anyways, those were just my thoughts. You can do whatever you want and no one will know the difference unless you tell everyone about it.


There might be a copyright issue with the downloaded photo.


I have to say I understand @KentuckyDave, because for some countries, like Lithuania, the cards come with a big barcode sticker, so you can only see part of the postcard image. In this case, I think that looking for the original image and putting it as it was can be a good thing, as long as it is the same image.

I can understand your reasoning, but I guess that if I sent a card and forgot to scan it or take a picture, and then the recipient uploaded an alternative version, I’d feel like my postcard somehow wasn’t good enough. Maybe when you receive the card, explain to the sender that it arrived badly damaged but that you can upload an alternative, and see what they’d like you to do? That feels like it’s the best way of respecting everyone’s feelings.

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Hi, I’m new here. Now I want to scan my postcards that I will send. Can you tell me how to upload it? Thank you in advance

@fisfandary Next to the address there is a button “upload photo”.

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Omg, I didn’t notice that. Thank you so much!