Up-cycling postcards

I have been thinking for awhile what I will do with all of my postcards that I am starting to accumulate. Is there anything special you all do to recycle the pictures on the postcards or even use the cards as scrap material? As much as I love love love these postcards I feel bad that they just sit in a box for me and I want to figure out how I can turn them into art to display one day. Let me know any of your ideas on how you reuse or incorporate your postcards in your home.


If you look on Pinterest, there are quite a few ideas. Most seem to be about how to display your postcards, but there are some interesting ideas like using them to decoupage a piece of furniture, or repurposing them into collage art.


I dream of someday having a physical favorites wall.


Sometimes a card without a personal message/drawing/decoration (those I save) has really great paper or an image and then yes, I do save it and use the paper or cut out the image for crafting. Like you @DelilahCal I think it is better than just dumping the whole card into the recycle bin.

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I use vintage postcards as table decorations at dinner parties. F.ex on family christmas gatherings I have a couple of carousels with several frames with season theme postcards. At childrens birthdays cartoon motives. Guests love it and postcards turn into conversation objects. My mobile camera dosen`t function today. But I paste a picture from an aqaintance that use tread and hole punch on postcards. In Norway the craft is called “hekling” (crochet). @DelilahCal


I have made planner and notebook covers like this. From some I cut only a part and laminate, as here, so the cover is partly see-through and here a little glitter :grinning: but some I laminate as such.