Unusual stamps

Just wrote my first postcard of the year, and this one, entirely at random, has a Weird Stamp on it. My latest packet of 100 x 20p stamps from Philatelink included a 20½p stamp! It’s a previously unused decimal stamp, so it’s valid, but alas, I overpaid postage on this card by half a penny :slight_smile:. The 20½p stamp is a royal blue Machin, the others I used are a 1st class (Orca, from the recent sea life series), and a 65p (bluebell wood, Millenium stamps 2000).



Ultramarine, 20½p. Issued in March 1983.
16p was the price of a first class stamp!

In one of my purchases from Philatelink was a 1/2 penny stamp. On the First World Postcard Day in 2020, I combined this with something and a half, I can’t remember what, maybe your 20 1/2 pence stamp, then made it up to the cost of second class with other stamps, and sent it to a friend. I also made up a penny with two stamps that included ha’pennies on an official Postcrossing card to somewhere abroad. It did arrive, though I’ve since read that Royal Mail no longer accepts the ha’pennies. I haven’t dared risk it since then.

That’s the one!

Yes, that’s correct the 1/2p stamp, I think is (possibly) the only post 1971 stamps that are no longer valid.

I had a load of 4 & 1/2 penny stamps, they are only worth 4p each.

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That’s a pity, checking my stockbook I find I have 41 of the little ones.