Unsolicited Package from Germany

I received a UPS package from Germany containing 5kg of powdered food! I do not know the sender or anyone in Germany. I didn’t order anything. There is no note, letter, or invoice. A friend suggested maybe someone got my address through Postcrossing.

I have been a Postcrosser since 2014 and never had my address misused. However, a search of this person’s name and city does show a German user that is a possible match. They joined in October 2021, have no profile completed and have 0 cards sent or received. A bit suspicious.

This is all very upsetting to me and I am wondering what to do. This is clearly a violation of Postcrossing rules. Has anyone experienced something like this?


Was it specifically addressed to you? Maybe there is an address error. Who knows?

I doubt someone would want to spend money purposely on a package to a random given how much German package rates are.

If it is sent directly to you, you have several choices. No need to cry. Keep the food, donate it, or just throw it away and move on.

There could also be strangely enough mistakes. Ive read that when people first join postcrossing, they send letters instead of postcards. Maybe the person has no knowledge of English. Granted, the possibilities are endless. You could always send back the package or report it to the USPS that you are suspicious of the package.


Maybe someone took your statement in the profile for serious?
“Some ideas: … favorite food”


Doubt it. That’s an idea of something to write about - nothing to do with what card/mail preference. And if so, why not include a note?

I think you should try contacting the Postcrossing support team with all the details you have explaining who you suspect, so that it can be looked into. They will know if your address was given out to that member, or perhaps be able to reassure you. (Edit: Changed my phrasing since it sounded like I might’ve been saying you should contact this member – I don’t advise that!)

Postcrossing would only give your address out to someone who is going to send you a postcard, so no random person can look you up and then request your address. The only people who get your address are people who are randomly selected.


Just want to clarify something - if you didn’t know who sent it, then how did you input the name and address of the German postcrosser you think may have sent it? Just something I’m not understanding - I’m not trying to poke holes in your argument, I think you’re right to be a bit creeped out. I would be too.

I think you should contact support to look into it, as there isn’t really anything you can do. I hope this is all resolved <3

Edit: spelling mistake

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Yes, it was specifically addressed to me. I am sending it back to the sender. I don’t even know if it really is food. It says it’s food but there is powder leaking out of the bags. In these times, it could be anything so I will not consume it, donate it or put it in my trash. It is concerning for these reasons.

Maybe the address is taken from forum games and activities (if you’re active participating). There will be a lot of DMs among members who are active on the forum activity, and the address may stay there forever. Hence why sometime in the tag game someone can tag a member and they already have their address

But to me it doesn’t make sense at all someone sent a package like that randomly. Could it be maybe a RAS from your friend? But your friend didn’t tell you that your address is given for RAS?

I don’t see the possibility of your address got leaked from official website

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Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant I don’t personally know the sender. There was a return address on the package which is how I searched for them on the Postcrossing site.

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I understand now!

Have you ever given out your address for an RR, travelling notebook, offers/requests, or a lottery? It could be someone who has saved it from that, which I am certain is not allowed. Or, it could be someone who has drawn your address normally and just misunderstood what postcrossing is about.

If you don’t know what the substance is, send it back or bin it - you’re right, don’t eat it. You don’t know what it is.

By law, unsolicited mail is yours to keep. If I were you, I’d just throw this unknown “food” item out. After all, if it were something illegal, like drugs, and you attempted to return the parcel to the sender, and it was intercepted by the authorities, you could very well be under suspicion.
By the way, if the package weighed 5 kg, i.e., more than ten pounds, it should’ve been accompanied by a customs form, which would’ve included the sender’s name and address, as well as a description of the parcel’s contents.


Thank you, I will try that. I know not anyone can get an address. My thought is they got my address to send a card and instead sent this weird package. Maybe others have had same experience since user shows 0 cards sent - that doesn’t mean they didn’t request addresses.

Just ask Postcrossing privately via contact on homepage or via support@postcrossing.com .


No, this just means the user has no postcard get registered.


You have been very helpful everyone. Thank you! Do any of you know how I can turn off commenting now that my question is answered ?:joy:

You can send a picture of those odd package so that some could claim. On private postcrossing help team.

Definitely there will be sender I’d can found.

Or you may return the package.

Hmm, I know you can mute the topic (look at the bottom and there’s a little button that says “normal” usually, and you can switch that to mute) – not sure if you can close it yourself.

Hello @AutismMom
What has happen to you is very weird.
As others said already please contact the support and tell them what happend and write them also name and address of the sender.

And I close that topic now.