Unregistering a postcard

I received a card with an incomplete ID and Postcrossing gave me the ID which I registered but it was for a completely different card that had been sent to me overe 200 days ago and which I haven’t received.

Is there any way to remove this card from my account so that it doesn’t appear in my wall or stats? I like my stats to bve accurate and it’s sort of bugging me that this card is on my wall and skewing my stats!


Please sent a message to the support and tell them what you have written here.

Maybe the person sent a 2nd card after the first one hasn’t arrived. But the sender hasn’t updated the uploaded picture. So the ID would be correct, but the image not.


I have the correct id for the first card so it’s not that - for some reason despite me putting the date (14 Feb this year) on my enquiry Postcrossing gave me the ID of a card posted in the middle of last year.

I have but they haven’t responded hence me posting in the forum to see if anyone else has had this issue and knew what to do without the need to involve Postcrossing support

I have also given a wrong ID by the support once and therefore registered a postcard that was still traveling, but not the one actually lying on my desk in front of me. In a second attempt they managed to give me the correct ID, but the card I had wrongly registered stayed that way - I don’t think there is a way to unregister an ID. Fortunately for me, that card did make its way to me, so in the end everything worked out fine - just the travel time of that one card is a week shorter than it really was. :wink:


As for your WALL of received cards, there is an easy solution:
You can simply delete the postcard image.
If you should later receive that card yet, you can upload a scan of that one instead.
If you don’t receive the card, of course you’d still be one postcard down… I don’t expect somebody would have planned for this kind of situation and “unregistering” to be possible - but you might still aks support.


Yes, I know I can remove the card from my wall but I don’t want it in my stats. Obviously it’s not a big deal but it would be nice to be able to remove it all the same

I have personally done it once too. But I was explaining to him that this was a resent postcard. I also told him, that it should be his choice whether he liked to keep the photo of the first postcard that never made it to him or change it with the new one that he eventually received. I think it is more fair for the recepient to make the choice. Could this be the situation here too?
Moreover, since postcrossing sent you the whole ID, I tend to believe it is the same with what I did. But at least the sender,could clarify that he/she is resending you a new one. Other than that, I don’t think it is fair for the sender to have his postcards unregistered. Postcards get lost, that is no postcrosser’s fault.

I had a similar situation recently, but I just ignored it. I think that in over 3,000 cards sent and received, I’ll be able to deal with one “false registration”. Never occured to me that there could be a way to unregister a card. Please let us know what the team will answer!

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Sorry but once an ID is registered (even by mistake) it cannot be unregistered.

We have replied to your query sent to support.