Unreceived postcards

I was traveling the beginning of this year in Azerbaijan. I sent few postcards to my family and friends, also some on postcrossing however the only ones received were the ones with North America as destination. Other ones to Russia, Belarus, Morocco, Portugal and Germany never made it. Anyone has a clue? It’s been 7 months already.


According to the Postal monitor Azerbaijan doesn’t ship to 194 countries…Belarus, Morocco are on the list for sure. May be other routes are experiencing problems as well.


Oh that makes a lot of sense! Thank you for the quick response. I asked at the post office for stamps for each country, unfortunately, they did not tell me any of this.


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It’s always worth looking at the Postal Monitor before you travel to different countries if you want to send postcards from there.

It helps with your expectations as to what will be possible for sure!

Many countries postal systems are underfunded & fragile & that was BEFORE the pandemic started. As a result, some of their mail is very slow - it’s possible that the cards to Russia, Portugal & Germany might still arrive in the next few months.

Azerbaijan also has been having regular conflict with a number of neighbouring countries & that could affect mail service too.

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