Unknown sender, any help is welcome :-)

hei guys.
i received a postcard the other day, but postcrossing isn’t able to identify the sender.
the postcard is a postcrossing meeting card showing the map of hangzhou. the meeting was on 12.07.2020

there is no date, no ID, no cancellation mark, just a bunch of signatures, but none of them indicates whose card it is, unfortunately.

i can’t even determine, if it is an official card or not.
i didn’t take part in any swaps or RRs with a chinese member in a long while.

i tried to get in touch with some members who signed the card, but no luck so far.

maybe you can spread the word or know someone who has a card traveling to norway or maybe YOU are the one who sent it to me?

thanks in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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please upload the side which write down your address

ID was found today, thanks very much @nelly_zhou :smiley: