United States UNESCO Cards

Hi everyone!

I see a lot of people requesting UNESCO postcards and I’m wondering if anyone has had any luck finding a reputable place to buy United States-specific UNESCO cards? I seem to only be able to find packs with assorted countries.

Thanks in advance!


I think they want to get a postcard depicting UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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There are currently 24 UNESCO sites in the United States or US territories, with 19 more nominated.

I’ve never seen any postcard sets exclusively for these sites.

I have found some cards from individual sites - like when we visited Monticello, their gift shop carried individual cards and also sets of cards. But eBay, Etsy and other sites are where I’ve found sets of cards from different sites - usually from 5-30 years ago - but often cheaper that way.

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Many of the US UNESCO sites are National Parks. I can check my stock and let you know what I have. May take a few days.

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pm you !

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Yes! This is my problem. I wish they made a set of US sites.

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That would be so wonderful! No rush and no problem, if not. I always try to fulfill people’s asks, but I know it’s not always possible. Just trying to pad my collection as much as I can :blush: Thank you for offering!


I learned recently that the Western National Parks Association (which partners with some of the Western National Parks - but not all) does have postcards in their online shop, including San Antonio Missions, Chaco Culture, and Carlsbad Caverns that are UNESCO sites.


I can verify they are the same cards sold in the park stores… because I had to visit JUST to be sure :smile:

I have not found a good online source for any of the other US UNESCO sites… but have had luck stocking up when visiting or getting friends to pick them up.