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Hello everyone! So I often do direct swaps, but today I got an envelope with two blank postcards inside and nothing else. There is a return address on the envelope. Sometimes people do ask if they can send me a postcard and I’ll send it back- but the thing is I can’t remember this person, and when I searched the name on the envelope in my email and in postcrossing nothing came up. What should I do? Should I just address one of the blank postcards to the address on the envelope and send it back? If I do- should I write on it, or just address it and send? I don’t know what this person wanted and I don’t know how to find them.

In case they are on here, the postcard is from
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Did you search already on the main page? :arrow_right: Log in

You know the country and city where the sender lives and there are not much users from Slovakia here.
You should also ask support - maybe someone got your address from the main page and forgot to enter the ID :arrow_right: Log in

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I did search on the main page, but there are rather too many users from Slovakia to go through each one individually, and it’s not clear to me on the address what the city is.

If you can afford the extra stamps and really can’t find out what this is about, then my suggestion would be to send a card to the return address, asking who they are (nickname) and what your swap agreement was, telling them to please contact you here :thinking:

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Have you participated in one of Write Back My Postcard tags or Round Robins? Probably the cards were supposed to be sent back according to the rules

Slovakian addresses are normaly written as this:

Street Number
Postcode City

You have to found out in which region the city is (google will tell you that) - then choose in the drop down menue “order by last login” and maybe you have to go only through a handful of profiles.

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But you did let search for an official ID too, like bille recommended? Maybe it really was an (unusual) official one.

You also could add a line in your profile, like: ‘Hi name from Slovakia. I’ve received your envelope, but lost your contact details. Please send me a message here’ Maybe they check your profile from time to time (to see if you’re still active) and will read the line.

Good luck


Honestly, in your situation I would put in a request to identify a missing ID on the main page just in case, and then I would set the cards aside and see if someone gets in contact with me (and if they don’t after a long time just use the cards). It’s a shame, but you have already tried searching all the reasonable ways of identifying the sender and, while it’s unfortunate if they forgot a username and didn’t include a note, there’s not much you can reasonably do. I think searching through all the users from that country or area is something you could do if you have the time but isn’t really a reasonable expectation, in my opinion.


It’s probably 420 users who logged in in the last month (15% activity estimate), but yes, even that would be a lot to check

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But if you limit the search to a specific city, then it’s much less and if it’s a smaller city, it can even be just a handful of users.


I agree with @backbeat.

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I think I’ve possibly found the person. The city listed on the envelope wasn’t showing up as an option on postcrossing, but I found out it’s actually a small village in a larger municipality, so I tried that instead and I think I might have found the person. Thank you all for your help!