Unidentifiable envelope

I received some lovely items related to Salzburg but there was no card or ID on it.
Thanks to the one that send it to me I can t register anything…I sure loved it!
Happy postcrossing😀



Have you tried contacting the Postcrossing team to ask them for an ID?


I notice it was postmarked in Barcelona. That’s a bit weird for a load of Austrian stuff. And the postmark was from 35 years ago!


This envelope is sent from Germany - the stamp on the right side is a Matrix stamp from Germany and the cancellation says München/ Munich.

Maybe it is from austrian member that lives close to the border to Germany and sent it from here because it is cheaper.

Please ask the support for the ID :arrow_right: Log in or look if it is from a Swap you did recently.

The cancellation from Barcelona is a decoration.


It could be from the person I send a card to because no other has my adress( except for 2 other ladies )which I swap with.
I hope she reads this… in any way THANKS😘

Someone you don’t know could have drawn your address from the main page.
That’s why you should definitely ask the support for the ID.


It wasn’t a lottery win by chance?

Good idea, but no lottery in her activity list.

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Is it have any return address? You can search memebers by area on website, and you can find probable active member from there, and may be remeber old swaps or any other lottery you won from them,
This helps me alot whenever someone forgots to mention thier username but uses address label

There is nothing on the envelop or in it so there is no clue to the sender at all…just paper stuff.
I just recently joined Postcrossing and I am not in any lottery… I only swap with 2 ladies.
I hope the sender read my post and that he or her knows I am thankfull.

Probably it was from the swap you made in your own thread


One lady responded from USA. It should not be here.
Since you mentioned 2 ladies, it should be from another one.

Good eye, Louise! :female_detective: :mag_right:

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I only gave my adress to 2 ladies so how can another person know my adress( private message)

Why is it out of the question for you that the envelope is from someone who has drawn your address from the main page?
You can only do that if you have set yourself to inactive there, but you haven’t written anything about that.

The request to the support is written in less than 1 minute - maybe someone is already eagerly waiting to hear from you.

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I am not sure what you mean by this? Who need I to reply too? I am fairly new n here and so my question is: is my adress public?
If yes then someone can send me something,
If not I only send my adress to the 2 ladies I swapped with by email.
I sure don t want to make any trouble… like I mentioned I hope the person unknown see my appreciation.:heart:

The envelope you received might not be from any swap, it could be from the main site, like the other 5 cards that you have received already, for example this one:

Maybe someone just forgot to write the ID.

That’s why @Bille is asking you to contact support, to check if it isn’t such card.

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You need to “reply” (=register) if the card is official (even though it’s not a card, but maybe it was forgotten?). Also if it’s a swap, you could reply, you got it.

Your address is not public. Only when someone sends a card to you, they get your address. Just like you get the address to the person you send a card to.

Can this be from one of the two ladies you swapped with? Ask them, did they send something to you?

Not all members read this forum, so it’s better to check if it’s official, or also if it’s personal swap. It doesn’t seem very likely they will find this message here.

I’m sure it will be easily solved, since there shouldn’t be many officials to you, and since you gave your address to 2 persons, it’s either one of them, or official card (without card).

The 2 ladies i swapped with are from other countries… so I should “ register this like I do with my ID cards I received? :crazy_face:sorry I really have to figure out how this works will try​:grinning:
Thanks for your help.:heart:

You don’t need to register swaps.

You’d sent 4 official ID cards. Though you’ve already received five ID cards you still can receive more ID cards (your address could have been given to more people than just the amount matching your sent cards). So maybe this envelope was one of these official ID cards on the site but the person forgot to write the ID. That is why people suggest you to turn to the support team by the link above: they can see whether you were expected to receive a card from Austria/Germany and provide you with the ID to register.

Or maybe the person you’ve received ID card from once sent you more. Or if you mentioned your address on the ID cards you’d sent, maybe someone sent you a reply gift.