As some of you may know, I work in a used books shop and my boss sometimes brings me postcards after he’s been out hunting books.

A couple of days ago, he gave me two small boxes of them, most already stamped and sent, but with a fair number unused ones, mainly from the 80’s and 90’s, but some earlier ones as well.

I was pretty surprised when I realised that a lot of the used ones had been sent to the husband/family of someone who often visits the shop.
She doesn’t buy books, but is a stamp collector and I help her ordering stuff online. I suspect some of the cards were also sent to her parents, but as I don’t know her maiden name I can’t be sure.

I look forward to a fun talk next time she comes into the shop. I’ll keep the blank ones, but if she wants the rest back it doesn’t feel right to keep them.


I am so disappointed now! :cry:

I was wrong, my boss hadn’t found the cards when he was out book hunting. Our customer had given them to him in a deal of some sort a couple of years ago.

My mistaken version was so much more fun though.
Still, I got a bunch of useable cards out of it, so I probably shouldn’t gripe too much about it. :smirk:
I’m actually lucky to have a boss who’s amused I’m involved in this hobby of ours


Well I still think it might be fun to tell her about it the next time she comes to visit! You can start a conversation about your Hobby and maybe she will be interested in seeing the cards again.

Of course the first Version of your post would have been a crazy coincidence, but I think the second version is nice as well :slight_smile:

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Knowing her, I doubt she’d be very interested in hearing about Postcrossing or even postcards in general. She’s completely focused on stamps and only Swedish ones.

But I may mention that I have her old cards now. :smiley:

It doesn’t matter if the situation is not as you originally thought. I think we all like stories of surprising connections. I can understand your disappointment but you do get a glimpse of moments in time that ordinarily you would not have had. That in itself is a treasure.

Enjoy :grin:

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