Undelivered cards

Hello everyone,
I haven’t been able to get cards for a long time, but my cards are going. Why could this be?

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You currently have 14 cards sent and 11 received, meaning you are due 3 cards.

Your 12th card sent was received on 21st of May, only a week ago - that is the date when your address was given out to other postcrossers again, so any cards for you have been only travelling a week, that’s a very short time. I’m sure in 1-2 weeks, you’ll receive cards again :slight_smile:


Thank you for the explanation. @delenn_mir

Also, how do you know so many details? @delenn_mir

Everyone can see your sent and recieved postcards: when they were registered, when you drew the address. It’s not secret. You can also check other people’s sent and recieved cards as well as their stats (how many cards have they sent/recieved each month, to/from which countries etc.).


I know that, but i didn’t know deeply. @lauranalanthalasa