Unable to upload postcard images!

Hi all!

I am no longer able to upload postcard images on my android device - only on the PC. This was never an issue before. Does anyone know why this might be the case? Thank you!

Is the device very old? Maybe you can try to make the image a smaller file like saving the photo at a lower resolution at say 300Kb.

Logical thinking but my device is a Samsung Galaxy 22. Also, strangely, it will upload photos I’m sending but not photos I’ve received but have not yet been uploaded by the sender. Strange, no? The file size/type is the same…

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I have an S22+. Hmm. That does sound very strange. You know, sometimes my S22+ does some really weird things that I don’t like. I still have my old S9+ and i swear it is more durable and less glitchy. I’m using it right now. It’s a long story on why i use 2 phones, but i kinda regret the S22+ purchase.

I have an S23, preferring older models as well. I can upload photos, but it takes a long time, sometimes more than one try.

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It happens to me often but in my case I think it’s my very bad internet network.