Unable to edit the post

Hi all!
I’m the host of European Union Bingo and one of my participants “Mattie07” told me that he cannot edit his own post because the pencil symbol at the bottom of his post “had disappeared after only using once”. I’m at loss of what had happened. Do you know what can be the problem. Thanks

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I guess he is still Trust Level 0, after 24 hours he cannot edit his posts any longer. It’s very easy to receive TL1, so he should be encouraged to read and participate in the forum a bit more.

Source: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

Edit: I just checked and he has been promoted to TL1 already, but maybe it wasn’t the case when he tried.


Thanks. I’ll let him know

The lowest TL in this forum is TL1, so everyone is automatically TL1 when they join. This means they can edit their own posts… but only for 48 hours. If they were a member of the old forum, they should get their Veteran badge in the next 24 hours or so, which will make them TL2s and give them the ability to edit all posts without a time limit.

If they were not a member of the old forum, they will be promoted to TL2 about 2 weeks after joining, if they continue to visit the forum now and then, reading and posting. So we would recommend some patience — soon enough, they’ll be able to unlock all functions! :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know the updates you’ve made to the default. Is it planned to have some sort of mini-guide to the TL? Especially for the changes compared to the default installation?

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Hi, l want to edit first post of the offer topic l’ve created. I want to add receivers names. But it doesn’t allow me, what should l do?

I think this is the answer to your problem

Thanks but l was a member of old forum as far as l remember.

I’ve just checked your profile and I can’t find this badge

I’ve just checked my email, l even found my username on the old forum. There might be something wrong.

I had a brief look at your forum profile: You should long be level “member” by now, I think. @meiadeleite, is there something wrong with the automatic leveling up for this user?

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Will someone do something to fix the problem? @meiadeleite @reisegern

That’s why I called meiadeleite into this conversation. Moderators cannot fix problems.

me too

Sorry! Sometimes it takes me a bit to get to all the places :slight_smile:

@manzaralimezar what was your old forum username? I can have a look, and award you the badge manually.

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Turns out, @manzaralimezar had changed their Postcrossing username a few times, which didn’t match the one they indicated in the old forum account. All fixed now! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much