Unable to Create New Topics?

I was trying to make a new topic in the trades, requests, and offers forum and I can’t. Is this somehow related to my trust level in the forums? I couldn’t find any info by searching. Thanks!


Yes, it is about trust levels - here’s the link below. From what I’ve read & know - I think you need to comment on at least 5 posts to get to Level 1 where you have more privileges.

You may also have to have visited the Forum for 10 days (I’m less sure about this, but I know it’s been an issue for some newbies).

I’m sure someone else will post soon with more info.


Hi @viasavannah, you should be able to make a new topic everywhere in the forum. If you can make a topic here, you can also make it in the #trades-requests-offers area.
Once you are “basic” user, you can make topics.
Please give it another try!

@LC-Canada: Thanks for posting the link to the general Discourse Trust Levels information.
I think you know, that the admins changed the settings quite a bit for this forum, so it’s just a general information and not 100% the same.
But I never read anywhere about “basic” users not being able to make topics in forum areas they can see. There might be a limitation of topics you can make, though - but I’m pretty sure it’s not 1.


Thank you! I took a second, closer look and it looks like it was just user error on my part :pensive:… I hadn’t realized you needed to go into the subforums to make a post (I’d just clicked on the trades forum, saw the posts visible, and assumed that’s where I should be posting).


Hi @reisegern, no I wasn’t aware the settings were changed quite a bit from the original and it would be great to have what the actual requirements are posted somewhere as this question comes up regularly on how people get to the 1st couple of levels.

Hi @LC-Canada, these requirements/ special settings for this forum aren’t known to anyone but the admins, I don’t know them either.
But still the general information gives us a good idea, especially about TL0, TL1 and TL2.

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Not if it’s not accurate, then we’re just spreading misinformation. I think especially for people new to the Forum it would be useful to know how to progress up the ladder.