Ukrposhta announced the release of new stamps dedicated to the explosion of the bridge


Your profile pic, I have the official card from the Vincent van Gogh Museum. Did you ever get a card with that motif, that you took it as profile pic?

Ontopic: Those are some awesome stamps. Sadly I havn’t gotten a card from Ukraine ever since the war started. :frowning: But they got other priorities of course.

The Ukraine was so fast that announcing the stamps in about less than one day after the explosion the bridge.They must already prepared for the day.
I didn’t get any cards from Vincent van Gogh’s painting.I like it,It was the last painting before he took his Life,sadly a falling of the painting master. @Boeboe

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I guess Ukraine was really fast with this yes… Who knows what more they have in preparation?
If you want to, I can send the card to you. I like Vincent van Gogh a lot, he’s a figurehead for mental awareness. :slight_smile:

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Great!sent you pm

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We ourselves are surprised how quickly Ukrposhta announced the stamp, a wonderful image💗

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Maybe I say an unpopular opinion, but it’s having a stamp which also glorifies death of civilians (despite that some people consider none of Russians are innocent, as of collective guilt)


Ukrposhta is doing so AMAZING job with all these gorgeous stamps :blue_heart: :yellow_heart: They are even able to keep up humor. That is amazing if you think what kind of horrors russia is doing in Ukraine every day.

People have died there, ordinary people. And the bridge is already functioning again.
There is nothing to celebrate.



I have actually recieved a postcard from Ukraine during the war. Well, it did take 28 days to travel to my address, so I suppose the war might have a negative effect on the mail.
Peace for Ukraine

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As much as I like the Ukrainian stamps, I can’t help but this one feels a bit awkward to me. I’m sorry.


Is this really true? Or just fake news? I also saw another stamp design (of the bridge explosion) yesterday, featured I think on some newspaper website.

To be honest, I am absolutely disgusted by these stamps. They are in bad taste.


I overlooked the funny aspect here. Please explain. I would like to perceive this stamp design in a more light-hearted way, but at the moment I really cannot. :frowning:

For reference, families with children travel on this bridge, buses and trains carrying children to the camp for rest, the military do not travel on it. My friend and her child recently drove through it, I’m just shocked, how can you be happy about this :see_no_evil:


This is a mock stamp.

The stamp are real,it will be issue next month.You can check it on Ukraine Post on Facebook.

I saw another type of stamp in local group I’m in

Is this one fake?

I don’t want to go on about the sentiment about the event :see_no_evil: , but I like the style of the sketch of that titanic stamp

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